Recycling Resource Series: Book Donation Locations

Recycling Resource Series:  Book Donation Locations

What do I do with all the books?  I definitely don’t want to throw them out!!

Here’s some great ideas of where and how to donate the books are ready to part with, so that they can move on to be treasured and enjoyed by others.

  1. Books for Soldiers —  or
  2. Books for Africa —
  3. Books for Prisoners —  or
  4. Books are sold to support Public Library —
  7. Children’s Hospitals
  8. Local Day Care Centers or Schools
  9. Friend’s of the Library at your local library
  10. Los Angeles based, but books can be shipped.
  11. San Francisco based, but books can be shipped.
  12. Homeless Shelters.
  13. Chicago area based.

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