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Talks also available in: Organizing and Parenting/Relationship genres.

Small Business/Personal Development Talks

(Virtual and In-Person Presentations Available)

All talks can also be prepared and presented as Faith Based.

If  you have an idea that you do not see represented, please let me know, as I frequently customize presentations to the needs of a given organization. 

  • Advancing Your Business 

There are 4 things that every business owner can do to advance their business. This presentation offers tips applicable to everyone, anywhere, doing anything – regardless of where you are in the process and where you work…..whether you are self employed and are at the very beginning with simply an idea waiting to be implemented, have been in business for years or work for a well established company.  The information provided can be applied at any time. If you approach Advancing Your Business in each of these 4 ways – you will see results.

  • Wasting Time Each Day? Simple Tips to ERASE Inefficiency 

Do you feel like you are wasting time each day? Do you feel like you are recreating the wheel each time you do something? Inefficiency is often rampant in our lives and businesses and we don’t even realize it.  In this presentation we review the 5 Principles of Organizing so we can make our spaces as efficient as possible. We also talk about 6 simple ways to Erase inefficiency in our daily lives using the easy to remember ERASER acronym. Walk away with practical tips for making your business more efficient.

  • Moms are Marketable

    This presentation illuminates how Moms develop many resume worthy skills without even realizing it, and instructs them on how to intentionally develop their talents in the context of caring for their family.  The talk motivates and encourages, while providing many practical tips for all Moms regardless of where they are in their journeys.  Discussion includes, but is not limited to:  setting boundaries, using the skills they have, learning new skills, and recognizing and keeping track of all that they have done. 

  • Re-entering the Job Market:  How to merge the “Real Work” of Parenting with an Outside the Home Career.  

    We can’t have everything, but we can do the best we can with the life we choose to lead.  This talk examines the intrinsic value of the very real “work” of parenting, while taking an honest look at the draw of an outside the home career.  If you have spent time exclusively working at home, you will learn what steps you can take to reenter the external job market.  In addition, we share practical tips that help one to maintain balance and organization both at home and outside the home.

  • “My Resume is Out of Date or “What Resume?”: Practical Resume Writing Strategies for Everyone

    Writing a resume is a useful exercise whether you are in the market for a new job or not.   It is good to have a current resume on hand and one can learn a lot by examining what she has done and the talents and experiences that have brought her to this point. We will work through specific questions to ask to get you started.  Next, we will show how to connect your talents with marketable skills.  Finally, we will look at basic “How To” Strategies for writing the resume itself.  

  • Have an Idea for a Small Business? Here’s How you Start:  Small Business Development Tips and Tactics

    This talk invites participants to go from a business idea to an actual business plan.  We start with strategies for determining what kind of business you would be best suited for.  Then we discuss how to write a simple business plan.  Finally, we work through simple marketing strategies that can be implemented to start the growth and continue it into the future.