Organizing Testimonial 2

“Jennifer Barnes is not only an excellent professional organizer, because she makes organizing fun, but she changed my life! I was very overwhelmed by stuff, especially by papers and information coming from my child’s school and elsewhere. She gave our family an easy, straightforward system to use. Her countless tips and ideas have helped me in so many ways.”

Business Organization Testimonial 1

“Jen was so patient and helpful. She helped me organize my business electronically to stay up to date and save me time. She also helped my husband create an outstanding resume since he was changing careers. Jen hands down the best at what she does keeps it simple and fun. She is also very encouraging

Organizing Testimonial 1

“JB Organizing has helped our family function more simply and smoothly and helped us deal with the daily clutter and paper that comes with being a family.  And it is still working easily after a year!”