Decluttering Our Hearts and Homes – How to keep the things that mean a lot without the clutter!

Kindred Life Lindenhurst/Gurnee

“I can’t get rid of that!” ….. This statement can be heard in every home, in every business, in every place…. No one is immune from the pull that “things” have on us. Everyone faces the task of decluttering at some point. In this presentation we look at specific steps to effectively declutter the spaces in which we live and work. We also examine the Why and How behind our emotional connection to things. We conclude with what we can do to embrace emotional and mental connections, without letting them clutter our hearts.

Private Group

Organizing 101: Hitting the Clutter Hotspots with God’s Help

Immanuel Lutheran Church Wisconsin Rapids, WI

This presentation takes a look at what God has taught us about organizing (I’m serious!) We also examine some ways that God made us each different and how that affects how we organize. Next, we pinpoint our “hotspots”. Then we move on to what a Control Center is and how to set one up in our home. After that, we address some other common trouble spots in the home and close with practical tips for how to maintain the organization and keep the systems of organization in place.

Private Group

Organizing 101: Organizing for the Holidays

MOPS Christ Church 501 Oak Brook RoadOak Brook,

Does just the thought of the holiday season make you feel stressed? Would you like to start the holiday season on a good note - feeling more organized and in control? In this presentation, we give you practical ways to decrease the stress and increase your organization during this crazy time of year. We start by looking at 7 simple ways to CAPTURE the holiday spirit. We then look at organizing in general and learn the 5 Organizing Principles that will help you organize anything anywhere during any time of year. We close with a look at some specific strategies that will help you navigate the holidays in an organized fashion.

Private Group

Communication: Practical Tips and Powerful Lessons Anyone Can Use

Our Savior Evangelical Free Church 300 Schoenbeck Rd.Wheeling,

“I’m saying the same things over and over!” “I don’t know how to talk to him (or her)!” “I just want to be heard!” Sound familiar? We all feel misunderstood at times and sometimes we feel like we are talking to a wall. This presentation looks at how to get people to do what you ask them to do, how to listen better to others, and how to speak each other’s language.

Free, Private Group

Raising Responsible Children

St James Church 820 N. Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights, IL

In this presentation, I look at what Responsibility really entails in the context of our families and in our world in general. I provide practical tips on how to begin teaching the lessons of responsibility in age-appropriate ways at a very young age, how to increase and improve the lessons as the children grow and mature, and how to seamlessly weave the responsibilities at home into those expected at school etc. We also learn about the numerous benefits of teaching responsibility and how to maintain and stay consistent in the practices we begin with our children.

Free, Private Group