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The Goal of JB Organizing

Is to aid people in bringing order to their home, life, office and future.

JB Organizing does this by: by Speaking on topics related to: OrganizingParenting/Relationships, and Small Business/Personal Development and Working with clients to Organize a given space or system based on their specific needs.

JB Organizing offers Real Organizing for Real People doing Real Life.


Jennifer Barnes

Jennifer is an Organizer, , and Mom of 5 kids in 5 years including a set of twins. Jennifer offers Real Organizing for Real People doing Real Life. She helps people bring order to their home, life, office and future by presenting to groups and organizations and by working one on one with clients to organize a given space or process and manage time and tasks efficiently. Jennifer began her career as a Professional Organizer and Speaker over 20 years ago with the creation of JB Organizing. Since that time she has spoken across the country on topics related to organizingparenting, relationships, and small business/personal development and has worked with individual clients from Milwaukee to Chicago and beyond. Jennifer has a degree in Speech Communication from the University of Illinois and post baccalaureate work from Loyola University, however, she says the most important education she has ever received, continues to come from the renowned University of Motherhood.