Jennifer is ABSOLUTELY amazing!! My only regret is that I did not meet up with her a couple years earlier. How different my life would have been.

Highly skilled and friendly organizer. You will learn the techniques and tools needed to fully organize your space if you hire her. Transforming work. And bonus: We also enjoy her company and life perspectives.

Jen has helped me tremendously! She has helped me organize photos and memories for scrapbooking. She has given me tips on how to set up my home office. She is always available for questions and helping to problem solve. She has all the current and up-to-date knowledge regarding organizing resources. Jen has gone above and beyond assisting with our home organizational needs. I would highly recommend her.

Jennifer has helped create space where I couldn’t see space. My husband and kids have noticed a difference. I had the outward appearance of being organized- Jennifer helped the infrastructure match up.

Jennifer comes in with a clear plan. She always makes my living space better. It’s like therapy for my home.

I have had the privilege of working with JB Organizing and referring clients to them. A firm believer in a holistic approach to wellness, having a space that is organized and clutter free helps from a physical and emotional stand point. JB Organizing is professional in every aspect.

“Jennifer has a rare ability to understand the psychology of stuff and helped me overcome the emotional attachment I had to some things, too. My grandmother grew up during the Great Depression, so I always swore it was in my genes to “save everything.”  Jennifer helped me prioritize and pare down, so much so that my life and opportunities have blossomed in so many ways. I firmly believe it is because I am not wasting so much energy and time on clutter and too much stuff, in my home and in my head.  Thank you, Jennifer!”

“Jennifer Barnes is not only an excellent professional organizer, because she makes organizing fun, but she changed my life! I was very overwhelmed by stuff, especially by papers and information coming from my child’s school and elsewhere. She gave our family an easy, straightforward system to use. Her countless tips and ideas have helped me in so many ways.”

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What Does a Professional Organizer Do?

At JB Organizing a Professional Organizer aids people in bringing order to their home, life, office and future by providing a fresh outside perspective on the given space and situation, by designing systems and processes using organizing principles; by teaching clients specific organizing skills, and by providing motivation to complete a given project.

Our Professional Organizers also speak to various groups throughout the country; educating the public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefits.

Why Hire a Professional Organizer? Can't I just do it myself?

Can a person organize a space by themselves? Yes, but sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective. We are often too close to our space, our things, and our lives to see clearly what isn’t going smoothly and how we should fix it. We are often also very overwhelmed and struggle to find the motivation to attempt any solution we might have found. A Professional Organizer provides the fresh outside perspective, specific plan for a given area, necessary instruction for organizing, and motivation to get it done! Similarly….Consider a Personal Trainer….People can exercise and become physically fit on their own; but will hire a Personal Trainer to give them the necessary plan, instruction, and motivation. A Professional Organizer acts in a similar manner in terms of helping you to make your home, office and life as orderly and “fit” as possible.

A Professional Organizer Can Help You If......

You are Overwhelmed.

You feel like you have too much stuff and not enough time.

You keep saying - “I need to get organized.”, but you don’t even know where and how to start.

You need motivation.

You need help knowing HOW to organize a space.

You want to get your family on a better schedule and have more time for what is important.

You need accountability.

You want to teach your children to be organized and responsible.

What Types of Projects Does JB Organizing Typically Handle?

Paperwork/Filing Systems

Set Up of Your Daily Life Managing Control Center.

Kids Areas (toys, art supplies, art work)

Office/Work Areas


Basements/Storage Areas



Time and Task Management Training

Digital Organization

Decluttering, Organizing, and Packing in Preparation for a Move.

What Makes JB Organizing Special?

As a Mom of 5 kids in 5 years (including a set of twins) I understand craziness and chaos and I understand what it is like to organize and maintain a home with a bunch of different ages and personalities.

Real Organizing for Real People Doing Real Life

Hundreds of organization projects and more than 20 years of Real Life Organizing Experience

I always start with a Free Initial Consultation so that we can meet first and make sure it is the right fit.

Practical Organization customized to your home, family and life. I work hard to customize my services to the specific needs of each client.

Organizing that works in a busy home with busy people of varying personalities.

Instruction on how to organize anything anywhere, so that you can organize other areas on your own in the future if desired.

Instruction and tips on maintaining the organization and processes.

Tips on how to look at spaces and things differently so that clutter doesn’t creep up on you again.

Practical ways to get everyone in your home involved in the processes that are implemented and to teach kids how to be more responsible and organized along the way (often without them even realizing it 🙂

What is Included in In Person Professional Organizing

A Free Initial Consultation during which we meet, view the spaces, answer questions, and we make sure we’re a good fit.

You receive a customized quote - based on your life, your space, and your needs.

A preparation email explaining what to have ready for the first organizing session.

2-3 hour long, one on one Organizing Sessions with Professional Organizer.

Instruction on Organizing Principles so that you can Organize Anything Anywhere, delegate more, maintain the organization systems, and learn to think about things, tasks, and spaces differently.

Follow Up email so you don't have to take notes or worry about remembering things during the organizing session.

A written reminder of lessons learned during our session.

A summary of what was accomplished during the session. (It helps you to see progress and have a record of it!)

Shopping List with products and resources customized for you and your organizing journey.

Specific To Do list with detailed step by step instructions on what to do next. (Option of a Shared Digital To Do List - Providing extra accountability.)

Support in between sessions. You can contact me by text, email, or phone for additional support, project planning, or research.

The option to switch between In-Person and Virtual Organizing Services if needed.

In Person Organizing Rates

Each client is given a customized quote based on their individualized needs.

Hourly and Package Rates are Available.

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