Moms…..For when you are tired…… “Dear Family….”

Dear Family, I asked God today why I should care anymore? I asked a friend today, why I should do everything that you all expect me to do? My friend said, and I heard God echo, because that’s what Moms do. So through my hurt and tears, I went through my day. I wrote notes

Parenting is Hard – You are Not Alone: Addictions.

Parenting is Hard – You are not alone: Addictions   If this is as far as you get – please read this! There is a strong correlation between Addiction and Suicide  – Get more information by following this link.   Loved ones have their own journey that they go through when supporting someone who is

Parenting is Hard – You are Not Alone: Mental Health Realities

Parenting is Hard – You are not alone Mental Health Realities The following post is long, but please read it.  The information provided is essential! The topic is deeply personal and important to me. I pray that by reading the following information you are able to help someone someday.   We don’t talk to parents

Parenting: You are Not Alone – School Struggles/Learning Disabilities

Parenting Is Hard – You are Not Alone – School Struggles/Learning Disabilities When you plan on having children, school struggles and learning disabilities are most often far from our minds. It is certainly not something people talk about. Even parents of little ones, are often in the dark in terms of the reality of school

Parenting: You Are Not Alone – Health Problems.

Migraines, cancer, surgeries, biopsies, sports injuries, allergies, infections….Our health problems came in many forms over the years. It often felt like we were experiencing them in a bubble…like everyone else was walking around healthy and we were falling apart. If you ever feel that way, please remember that it is not true. Everyone has health

“Parenting – You are Not Alone” – Postpartum Depression

When a person becomes a parent  it is wonderful! I am not minimizing the beauty, wonder, and glory of becoming a parent – in whatever way that happens for you. It is not easy though and I have come to believe that we often do not speak of some of the hardest parts of parenting

The online world can be a scary place for parents……Here is another tool to help us keep our children safe online.

allconnect offers a helpful tool for parents. Keeping our kids safe online is ever changing and can be hard. Here is another tool that parents can use to help them navigate the online world and keep their kids safe. Let’s keep helping each other keep our young people safe. Keep your kids safe online: All

I Bribe My Teenagers to Spend Time With Me

Here’s a couple of ideas that I learned from my crew. Yep… You read that right! We have 5 kids in the space of 5 years (with twins), so that means I had 5 teenagers at the same time for a couple of years. Many times Mom and Dad are not the first choice of

Time With Family: We are so busy….How can we possibly find time?

Be Intentional! Be creative! Be open! Communicate! Often times we hear family time and we think – dinner together, family game night, or a fancy day long activity. We need to think beyond the stereotypical options. We need to look at our specific family. What is your family schedule? What ages are your kids? Who

We Are Not Alone! (I found this reflection I wrote after a particularly bad night in 2014 — It definitely still applies today and every day!!)

We are Not Alone. After a  really bad (challenging) evening last night on the home front, I was listening to the news this morning and heard a story that struck me. A Mother and Father were on TV pleading for any information on the disappearance of their 21 year old, senior in college, son.  They