A Mom is……..

A MOM A MOM is wonderful.  A mom loves.  A mom cares for others.  A mom cares for herself.  A mom prays.  A mom cuddles.  A mom tickles.  A mom smiles.  A mom LAUGHS.  A mom sings without thought of her voice, because her own little audience loves it.  A mom changes diaper after diaper. 

A beautiful day, everyone home, everyone happy, all the Windows were open……..You’ll never guess what happened! (A day in our crazy life!)

It was a beautiful July day and all 7 of us were home.  The weather was amazing; not hot, but beautiful!  All the windows were open and everyone was busy doing different things.  Everyone was occupied and everyone was getting along.  My husband was out washing the car.  One of the girls was upstairs hanging

“I didn’t want to ride the roller coasters today!  

Parenting can be so much like a visit to an amusement park.  Some days we are able to just sit on the bench and watch the roller coasters go up and down, and side to side; twisting and turning with heart stopping drops and loops.  We sit calmly, while screams of fun and fear echo