“Jennifer’s presentation style is awesome!” 

Through her years of experience and heart warming stories, Jennifer Barnes provides sound advice and well developed content. On multiple occasions Jennifer has visited Kindred Life to help  guide our teen parents through topics such as Marketable Moms and the Power of Parenting. We invite Jennifer back each year and look forward to her next visit

“Jennifer did a great job zoning in on the perfect topic to help our small business owners revisit their planning. Jennifer was dynamic and fun. She provided a perfect balance of professional and personal guidance for our group.”

Our group loved Jennifer’s energy, friendliness, and passion for the topic. It was very practical and interactive, even though it was a virtual presentation. We all enjoyed it!

You do such a wonderful job of putting yourself back in our shoes remembering the specific chaos of little children. Thank you! (MOPS)

“We love having you. You are an amazing speaker.”

“I only wish we had had more time! Jennifer is Professional but relatable, and easy to communicate with before the presentation date.”

“We love having you. You are an amazing speaker. We have had you speak to our group twice already in our three years of existence. Your name was the first to come up to speak to us again next year. Will be emailing you shortly. Thank you again.” (MOPS)

“I only wish we had had more time! Jennifer is Professional but relatable, and easy to communicate with before the presentation date.” (Mom’s Group)

“Yes, very happy with the presentation! Our group has been a buzz with conversation since the meeting. Very relevant. Jennifer is genuine and engaging. Loved hearing her story. We would love to hear more. Will definitely recommend to the planning team to consider. Love how Jennifer interacts with the group. Could have listened for hours. Thank you!” (MOPS/MOMSNext)

“Jennifer did a great job zoning in on the perfect topic to help our small business owners revisit their planning. Jennifer was dynamic and fun. She provided a perfect balance of professional and personal guidance for our group.” (Freedom Networking Group)

“The presentation was great! Clear and well communicated and perfectly paced. We will definitely be in contact for the future!” (Ela Public Library)

“Really the presentation and the topic were perfect! Jen you did an amazing job and made the presentation engaging and relevant for all. I already have received messages from people on how they enjoyed it.” (St. Mary of the Annunciation)

Schedule an In Person or Virtual Presentation

(Virtual and In Person Presentations Available)

All talks can also be prepared and presented as Faith Based.

If  you have an idea that you do not see represented, please let me know, as I frequently customize presentations to the needs of a given organization. 

What it Means to ACHIEVE & How to Support Your Student

We all want our students to be successful and achieve. In this presentation Jennifer takes her experience raising 5 very different children and years spent researching and speaking to a wide variety of parents to illuminate what it means to achieve and how it applies specifically to our individual children. We learn specific strategies for supporting our students and tools to give them so that they can be successful in the future. The presentation ends with ways to help our students (and ourselves) thrive each day regardless of what the future holds.

Top 10 Things to Teach Your Student Before They Graduate

There is so much to teach them! How do we know what to focus on? Through her experience raising 5 very different kids, Jennifer has determined 10 Things every student should know before they graduate. You will learn what the items are and why they were chosen. The presentation weaves stories that will help each parent to feel less alone and more empowered as they proceed on the parenting journey, as well as practical advice on how to teach each of the items.

Organizing Your Life With School Age Kids and Teaching Them to Organize Theirs

This presentation is a perfect mix of some basic Organizational tips for people to apply at home and important information to share with kids so that they can more easily organize the information received at school. We look at what it means for a child to be responsible. Then we explore specific organizational tools that can be applied at home by the adults and serve as a powerful example to the kids. Next, discussion turns to practical examples of what the kids can do to learn to be responsible and organized. Finally, we look at how to maintain the new habits or organization.

Organizing 101: Back to School Basics

In this presentation we look at organization through the lens of the school year and the challenges it presents to the adults and kids in a home. We tackle organizing the main areas in the home where school papers pile. Practical tips are given to help kids be more independent and have less work for Mom and Dad. We also look at organizing kids areas to decrease stress at home, and improve the student’s ability to handle things that come home from school. Simple and practical tips are provided for both parents and kids.

Parenting Is Hard: You are Not Alone

Parenting is wonderful, but parenting is hard! The goal of this talk is to shed light on the some of the hard parts of parenting. We bring certain topics out of the shadows and into the light so parents can clearly see that they are not alone in their experiences. The talk de-stigmatizes topics like: Postpartum Depression, Health Issues, Discipline Difficulties, School Struggles, Mental Health Issues, Substance Use. We provide encouragement and timely reminders for all parents, as well as practical tips on how to lay good parenting groundwork and how to specifically handle each situation. Though the presentation addresses some of the hardest parenting times, it is full of encouragement and practical takeaways applicable to all parents.

Parenting: Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Parenting is NOT easy, but you are NOT alone! This presentation reminds and reassures people. First, we look at why we should always learn and be intentional in our parenting and then we examine some broad themes of parenting across the ages. We move on to discuss how we can best use some common parenting tools and how they can be easily integrated into our daily lives. We close with some cool tricks and some key reminders to take with us on our parenting journey.

Raising Responsible Children

In this presentation I look at what Responsibility really entails in the context of our families and in our world in general. I provide practical tips on how to begin teaching the lessons of responsibility in age appropriate ways at a very young age, how to increase and improve the lessons as the children grow and mature, and how to seamlessly weave the responsibilities at home into those expected at school etc.. We also learn about the numerous benefits of teaching responsibility and how to maintain and stay consistent in the practices we begin with our children.

Parenting in a Social Media World

Technology and social media aren’t going anywhere. So what do we do as parents? In this presentation we will examine the top social media apps for kids and teens. We will also look at the range of technology available in our world, and how to practically manage and create “tech free time” in our schedules and that of our children. We will look at texting and social media, and the implications they have in terms of relationships today. Specific tips will be provided on how to help our kids communicate effectively, working with and sometimes around the tools available to them. We will briefly look into the dangers of certain online actions and how to talk to our kids about such things. Practical strategies are provided for monitoring online communications and social media. In addition, we will go over positive ways that we as parents can embrace social media, texting and email; and use it to improve communication and bolster our relationships with our children.

Schedule an In Person or Virtual Presentation