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Faith Based Talks

(Virtual and In Person Presentations Available)

All talks in the Organizing, Parenting/Marriage, Small Business/Personal Development genres can also be prepared and presented as Faith Based.

If  you have an idea that you do not see represented, please let me know, as I frequently customize presentations to the needs of a given organization. 

  • Organizing 101:  Hitting the Clutter Hotspots With God’s Help

This presentation takes a look at what God has taught us about organizing (I’m serious!) We also examine some ways that God made us each different and how that affects how we organize. Next, we pinpoint our “hotspots”.  Then we move on to what a Control Center is and how to set one up in our home. After that we address some other common trouble spots in the home and close with practical tips for how to maintain the organization and keep the systems of organization in place.  

  • Decluttering Our Hearts and Homes:  The Emotional Connection to Stuff

“I can’t get rid of that!” ….. This statement can be heard in every home, in every business, in every place…. No one is immune from the pull that “things” have on us.  Everyone faces the task of decluttering at some point.  In this presentation we look at specific steps to effectively declutter the spaces in which we live and work.  We also examine the Why and How behind our emotional connection to things.  We conclude with what we can do to embrace emotional and mental connections, without letting them clutter our hearts.  

  • I am Where God Put Me…..Now How Do I Get Organized?

How did I get here?  Sometimes life seems like a blur and it seems some days like we all of the sudden look up and find ourselves in the middle of a life and we aren’t sure how we got there.  In this presentation we look at where we are and remember that God has a reason for putting us each where we are.  It isn’t always that simple though, so we look also at the hurdles that might be in the way of us realizing our purpose. Then we look practically at how to get organized where we are and flourish in the place where God put each of us.  

  • Faith and Organizing Solutions to Pandemic Problems 

We are in a new normal with new difficulties. How do we handle the changes and stresses? In this presentation we look at how to best organize our homes to provide healthy and efficient work spaces for adults and kids. We then examine how to build Faith habits to help handle the stresses that have come with the pandemic. The talk closes with discussion of how to maintain the systems, spaces, and habits that we set up in our homes, long after the pandemic fades.

  • What’s Your Tea Bag Made Of?  Handling the Big & Little Stresses of Life

Life is full of adventures; some easy, some difficult.  To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt;  “People are like tea bags – you don’t know what they are really made of until you put them in hot water.” What is your tea bag made of? We will look at our strengths and weaknesses and what makes us who we are.  Then we will learn some practical strategies (using our strengths and weaknesses) for handling the big and little stresses of life.  Finally, we will examine the role of community and how we can help each other; while growing and strengthening our own character in the process.

  • Being the Woman God Made You to Be & the Mother You Want to Be

This presentation starts by looking at the Myths and Hurdles of Motherhood.  Then together we look at who we were before kids, who we are now, and who we want to be (with God’s help:).  Finally, we look at specific, practical tips for making changes and growing into the Woman and Mom God wants us to be.

  • Being a Parent Today with Yesterday’s Values

There is so much you want to teach your children; Where do you even start?  We will begin by examining the relationship between our priorities, values, and schedules.  Then we will move on to how simple schedule changes can impact the value lessons in our homes.  We will then discuss everyday values and important life skills; and share practical methods for teaching them to our children and maintaining the new habits we create.  

  • Advancing Your Business (Faith Based or Secular Versions Available)

There are 4 things that every business owner can do to advance their business. This presentation offers tips applicable to everyone, anywhere, doing anything – regardless of where you are in the process and where you work…..whether you are self employed and are at the very beginning with simply an idea waiting to be implemented, have been in business for years or work for a well established company.  The information provided can be applied at any time. If you approach Advancing Your Business in each of these 4 ways – you will see results.