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Wow, do kids amass a lot of toys, books and games! Even when we try our best to pick up regularly, it’s easy for our kids’ belongings to be under foot and start taking over our living spaces. Parents often try to organize, but all that hard work quickly comes undone in a matter of days or weeks. Enter JB Organizing. We have 20 + years of experience working with families to build organizational systems that work - and last! We partner with you to identify organizing solutions unique to your family’s needs and space. We guide you through the decluttering process, create personalized storage solutions, and educate you so that you can effectively involve your family in successful organizational maintenance. Don’t let kids' stuff take over your home! Learn more about how JB Organizing can help you.

What can I expect when working with JB Organizing on my kids' space?

A free initial consultation in which JB Organizing will listen to your organizing needs, view the spaces, get to know you and how you and your family use the space, answer questions, and make sure we’re a good fit. This can be virtually or in person depending upon your preference.

Clear, concise, and timely communication from when you initially contact us through to your project’s completion.

A customized organizing quote specific to you, your family, and your unique needs.

A partner to work with you side-by-side to declutter and organize based on how you use your kids areas, or if you prefer, an advisor to provide a number of practical tips and motivation that you can implement on your own.

A guide to better understand general organizing principles to create a sustainable solution beyond the completion of the project.

Confidentiality. We take your privacy very seriously, and we will never share that you are our client unless you agree to let us post your review or photos of your beautifully organized space to inspire others. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

What else do I get?

A preparation email explaining what to have ready for the first organizing session.

2-3 hour long, one-on-one Organizing Sessions with Professional Organizer.

Instruction on Organizing Principles so that you can Organize Anything Anywhere, delegate more, maintain the organization systems, and learn to think about things, tasks, and spaces differently.

Follow Up email so you don't have to take notes or worry about remembering things during the organizing session.

A written reminder of lessons learned during our session.

A summary of what was accomplished during the session. (It helps you to see progress and have a record of it!)

Shopping List with products and resources customized for you and your organizing journey.

Specific to-do list with detailed step-by-step instructions on what to do next. (Option of a Shared Digital To-Do List - Providing extra accountability.)

Support in between sessions. You can contact me by text, email, or phone for additional support, project planning, or research.

The option to switch between In-Person and Virtual Organizing Services if needed.

Why JB Organizing loves working on kids' spaces.

“As a mom of five kids, I know how challenging keeping an organized home can be. When the kids are young, their toys can literally take over the house! And when they get older, their school items, electronics and clothes can get dropped by the door and scattered everywhere. As a professional organizer, I have worked with countless families over the past 20 years. Each stage of family life brings different ways we use our space and presents unique challenges for keeping our homes functioning efficiently. No matter what the ages of your children, JB Organizing can help you curb the kid clutter and build a solution that works. I love working with families, so give us a call today to get started!” - Jennifer

Schedule a Free Virtual Initial Consultation and Learn More