Continue On…….. A Message for the Day After Mother’s Day

This day after Mother’s Day…..Remember…. Not every day is full of celebration like Mother’s Day, but every day your work as a Mom is very, very important.  Just because it isn’t always acknowledged on other days of the year, it is still invaluable.   So……… Continue On A woman once fretted over the usefulness of

JB Organizing: Mother’s Day Tribute Series – As My Mom used to say

JB Organizing’s: Mother’s Day Tribute Series. “As My Mom Always Said….Quotes from Mom….” Here are some fun quotes from Mom (actually many Moms 🙂 See if you remember any of these! Please share your favorite “Mom quotes” below. Thank you “Moms” for all your advice!#jborganizing #jborganizingmothersdaytributes#jborganizingmomquotes “ Do Your Best” “All you can do is

The 4 T’s of Parenting

JB Organizing:  One Thing I Have Learned The 4 T’s of Parenting Working on Raising 5 kids has taught me a some things….and is teaching me more every day 🙂 🙂 🙂 One thing I have found to be helpful is remembering to always communicate the 4 T’s when training our children. 1. Task –

Technology Info for Parents: Top Apps, Monitoring Programs, Informational Websites

Top Apps, Monitoring Programs, and Informational Websites for Parents Click Here for a great Interactive Internet Safety Guide for parents to do with their kids to teach them about Internet Safety.   Internet Safety Guide   Click here for a great resource full of information on how TV content is categorized and what parents need

Proper Tech Use and Social Media Manners

Rules for use of Internet, Phone, Texting, Emailing, Social Media Apps and so on….. We will always know the password to the phone and all social media and texting, posting, communicating apps. If it rings, answer it. It is a phone. Say Hello, use your manners.  Do not ever ignore a phone call if the

One Thing I Have Learned…….about Kids and Kindness

One Thing I Have Learned…. About Kids and Kindness “The most important classroom of kindness is the home.  What are we REALLY teaching our children by our words, actions, and reactions to the world in the privacy of our own homes?” – JB Organizing “The lesson of kindness is better learned by example than by

One Thing I have Learned….Letting Go

One thing I have learned…. Letting Go It is easier to let your kids go a little at a time, than to hold them tight and have to let them go all at once when they are grown. – JB Organizing Letting Go of our kids is not easy.  It isn’t easy when they are

One thing I have learned……… Make a List of Rewards and Consequences for EACH Child

One thing I have learned……… Make a List of Rewards and Consequences for EACH Child Your child is misbehaving, you are boiling inside, flustered on the outside and trying desperately to think of an appropriate consequence for their actions without losing your cool!  What do you do?! One thing I have learned is to take

New Parenting Series Coming

Many of you already know that I have 5 teenagers and I speak regularly on parenting, organizing and resume/small business development. While I do not profess to know much (my children think I know nothing 🙂 and am completely flying by the seat of my pants in this parenting of teens thing, I have learned

Kids are Capable of so much!

Kids are capable of so much! A reminder for today and everyday.  We all tend to rise to the expectations that are placed on us.  If someone or something expects a lot from us, we give them a lot.  If another person or thing expects less, we give them less. It is not a bad