JB Organizing: Mother’s Day Tribute Series – As My Mom used to say

JB Organizing’s: Mother’s Day Tribute Series. “As My Mom Always Said….Quotes from Mom….” Here are some fun quotes from Mom (actually many Moms 🙂 See if you remember any of these! Please share your favorite “Mom quotes” below. Thank you “Moms” for all your advice!#jborganizing #jborganizingmothersdaytributes#jborganizingmomquotes “ Do Your Best” “All you can do is

Technology Info for Parents: Top Apps, Monitoring Programs, Informational Websites

Top Apps, Monitoring Programs, and Informational Websites for Parents Click Here for a great Interactive Internet Safety Guide for parents to do with their kids to teach them about Internet Safety.   Internet Safety Guide   Click here for a great resource full of information on how TV content is categorized and what parents need