Kids are Capable of so much!

Kids are capable

Kids are capable of so much!

A reminder for today and everyday.  We all tend to rise to the expectations that are placed on us.  If someone or something expects a lot from us, we give them a lot.  If another person or thing expects less, we give them less. It is not a bad thing in itself, as this is the way that humans prioritize.  We have to assign importance to items and tasks each day.  In order to do that we look at which things are “yelling” the loudest.  What items have the looming deadline?  Which people are the most impatient?  What things have been on our list too long?  The things that have no deadline are placed at the bottom of the list or schedule.  The items that are luxuries, but don’t have to be completed right now, are put at the bottom.  We prioritize based on the expectations placed on us.  Children do the same thing.  They do the things quickly and without argument that they know are most important or that “yell” the loudest to them.  They can tell what things they can slack on and still be fine.  What they do and what frustrates parents so much, is really not much different than from what we as adults do each day with our “to do” list and schedule.  The lesson of this is that kids are extremely capable and will indeed rise to the expectations we set.  We just have to remember to and take time to set higher expectations for our children, so that they have the chance to show us what they can truly do.  Kids are capable, let’s give them a chance!

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