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Legal How To's for SBD

JB Organizing offers Small Business Development Services

Developing a small business can be very exciting, while very intimidating at the same time.  There is so much potential, yet so much to do.  This article begins a series offering some helpful hints for people starting out on the Small Business journey.  If you are interested in further assistance contact JB Organizing for the Free Initial Consultation.

The Legalities — sounds scary right?

It doesn’t have to be.

 There are many resources out there to help you to get your business and on firm legal ground.

Here are some quick links for you:

The Small Business Association is a great place to start and they offer many free invaluable resources.

Legal Zoom is good excellent legal resource.  It offers an inexpensive and reliable legal assistance for small businesses or individuals from the privacy of one’s own home or business.

Registering your business name  Information on “Do Business As” (aka Assumed Business Name) registration.

Business Licensing and Permits Information on State and Federal Licensing guidelines.

State by State Guide for Getting Business Licenses and Permits from finimpact.com

Step By Step Guide to Starting a Small Business from finimpact.com

JB Organizing has been helping people

start small businesses for over 10 years.

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