Don’t Let Summer Pass You By

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Don’t Let Summer Pass You By

Plan a little now and enjoy summer more!  Take the time to make 3 lists.  You can even have each member of your family make their own version of these lists and put them together.  A little thought now, will go a long way toward making the summer more fun (and productive — shhhhh! 🙂

The first list is: What you want to do.  This can include free activities, day trips, vacations, jobs, hikes, new parks to try — anything.  Brainstorm — don’t be practical yet, just dream and put it all down.  Making a list like this is actually a lot of fun and can get people excited about the possibilities of summer!

The second list is:  What you want to improve.  This list can be things you want to learn or try for the first time or things you want to get better at or even ways you want to improve yourself in general.  Some ideas might be: new recipes you want to try, new forms of exercise you want to experience or even fun books you want to read.  Why not put new concert series you want to go to or hobbies you want to get involved with.  Gardening, home projects or whatever you have a passion for or want to have a passion for.  Again, dream a little…summer should be the time for new experiences.

The last list is:  How can you give?  Think like this and the rewards are incredible for all involved!  How about you pack several brown bag lunches next time you go into the city for a day of fun and pass them out to those in need that you see on the way.  Bake some cookies for a person that is home bound in your neighborhood.  How about mowing a neighbor’s lawn without regard for payment.  Have a lemonade stand and give the lemonade away one hot day.  We tend to have a little more flexible time in the summer and more energy it seems.  Why not take some of that and use it to give and help others around us.  Don’t forget to dream and brainstorm for this one too.  Great ideas come when we don’t limit ourselves.  Never underestimate the ability of giving to transform the entire summer experience into something unforgettable!!

Once you have your three lists, you can look at each family member’s lists and pick some from each to try or just look at your own list and pick 3 to start with.  It won’t be drudgery to work through these lists!  These are the most fun “to do” lists you can ever have!  Take these “to do” lists and use them as ideas to help you have a blast this summer!  You won’t regret taking the time to dream, and brain storm a bit now.  Don’t let summer pass you by, get excited and start dreaming!

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