Great information to help us keep our earth healthy (Shared by a young student!)

Let’s Share Information and Learn Together  I love to be able to provide information and encouragement on a variety of topics. I also love it when people share information with me and I am able to learn and grow. I have a whole series of articles on Recycling Resources.  I provide articles on donating or

JB Organizing: Moments of Disorder

Moments of Disorder There are many Moments of Disorder in my life!  One of the comments that I hear most often from people is, “Your house must be sooo neat, because you are a Professional Organizer!”  My response is most assuredly no! I clarify by explaining two things: First, I remind them that being organized

JB Organizing: Moments

Moments in life teach us a lot. Moments when shared remind us that we are not alone. Moments remind us what’s important. Moments humble us. Moments lift us up. Moments give us hope. Moments make us sad. Moments are just that…. Moments in time.  Fleeting in nature, but often everlasting in affect. I have had

JB Organizing: JB’s Moment of Inspiration

When I was a new Mom, primarily at home with my children, I found this poem and it has stuck with me and been a comfort to me in many situations over many years.  Whatever your situation in life (working full time inside the home, working full time outside the home, doing both or some

Don’t Let Summer Pass You By

Don’t Let Summer Pass You By Plan a little now and enjoy summer more!  Take the time to make 3 lists.  You can even have each member of your family make their own version of these lists and put them together.  A little thought now, will go a long way toward making the summer more


HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! In celebration of the weekend Take a moment today…. To be thankful for what you DO have. Forget about what you DON’T. Hug those you DO love. Forgive those you DON’T.

You are Here

  You are Here!! Let’s practice being where we are……I know it sounds funny, but we are so busy and life moves so quickly that we are often not very good at just being in the moment. A friend told me of a great visual reminder that she had heard about in a message at

Let’s show them our gratitude this Veteran’s Day and beyond!!

Thank you for your service!!  Let’s show them how much we appreciate them this Veteran’s Day and beyond!!! Important! Please take time to read this and know that I would rather see us all take time to do the following project this weekend, instead of doing any organizing (that’s how important it is!!!!) Here is