Let’s show them our gratitude this Veteran’s Day and beyond!!

Thank you for your service!!  Let’s show them how much we appreciate them this Veteran’s Day and beyond!!!

Important! Please take time to read this and know that I would rather see us all take time to do the following project this weekend, instead of doing any organizing (that’s how important it is!!!!) Here is the project………Send a letter, card, picture drawn by the kids etc. to a member of the military this weekend. Veteran’s Day is next week, and the prime holiday season is just around the corner. Let’s take time out of our busy schedules to thank those who have made our freedom possible. Below are some organizations that we can use to send the letters. Please feel free to share the names of other organizations that you know of as well. Also, if you have a friend of relative serving that would like some cards, please feel free to post here and have people message you for the name. Let’s do our part to spread gratitude for what our service men and women do every day for our country and for us!!

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