JB Organizing: Moments of Disorder

Moments of Disorder

There are many Moments of Disorder in my life!  One of the comments that I hear most often from people is, “Your house must be sooo neat, because you are a Professional Organizer!”  My response is most assuredly no! I clarify by explaining two things: First, I remind them that being organized does NOT mean everything is always put away and cleaned up, it simply means that there is a home for everything should people choose to clean up.  Second, I remind them that I may be organized and like things put in their homes, but I live with 6 other people who do not necessarily feel the same way!! So yes, there are many moments of disorder in my life. So if you feel the same, please know that you are not alone!  We can’t let these Moments of Disorder discourage us, because they are part of normal life. Instead let’s let these Moments of Disorder motivate us!


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