JB Organizing: Moments

Moments in life teach us a lot.

Moments when shared remind us that we are not alone.

Moments remind us what’s important.

Moments humble us.

Moments lift us up.

Moments give us hope.

Moments make us sad.

Moments are just that…. Moments in time.  Fleeting in nature, but often everlasting in affect.

I have had many moments in the past 20 years of my work and family.  I am fiercely protective of many of those moments and those involved in them.  I guard my privacy and that of my family.  Sending 3 off to college this year and entering the 20th year of my business and 22nd year of my marriage; I realize how much my moments can help and encourage others.  Enough time has passed that I am able to share many of these moments, while maintaining respect for my family. In this series, over time, I will share real authentic unedited moments that I hope with encourage and remind you that you are not alone.  If you feel something and experience it, chances are many many others do too!

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