Great information to help us keep our earth healthy (Shared by a young student!)

Let’s Share Information and Learn Together 

I love to be able to provide information and encouragement on a variety of topics. I also love it when people share information with me and I am able to learn and grow.

I have a whole series of articles on Recycling Resources.  I provide articles on donating or reusing a variety of things including, but not limited to: school supplies, wedding dresses, books, clothes, toys. and much more. I also have articles on how to appropriately dispose of things like: chemicals, old cell phones, electronics and more. (Just search “Recycling” on my website for more information.) 

Continually learning, reducing waste, and improving the ways we take care of our earth is important.

Thank you to a teacher and her student at for bringing the following article to my attention.

We Shared Information with Each Other

The teacher reached out to me via email. 

“I am an online teacher for an alternative learning program for kids. I am currently discussing sustainability and other environmental issues with the kids and we came across your website while looking for resources. We wanted to say thank you!”

One of my students did some research and he sent in this article with a lot of really great information:

This is what he found:

“I suggested that he share this with you because it had such great information we thought it could be useful to you and your other visitors.” 

“I want to show the increasingly large group of students that they can accomplish things if they aren’t afraid to come out of their shells and simply ask, especially while being in so much isolation these days!”

What a great opportunity for both of us and great lesson!

Note: Teachers are awesome! Thank the teachers in your life today!

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