What is a Reference Binder? How to make one and Why you should do it.

Organizing Must Have- Reference Binder

What is a Reference Binder?  

How to make one and Why You Should do it.


What is a Reference Binder?

It is a 3 Ring Binder used to store items you need to reference throughout the day, month or year.

Why make one, can’t I just look everything up on the internet?

Yes, you can look many things up on the internet.  However, the items you can look up are not the items that should be stored in the Reference Binder.  You only put items in the Reference Binder that you cannot easily find on the Internet.

What should I include in my Reference Binder?

A section for each member of your family, with Instructions or contact lists, rosters, etc. specific to that individual (i.e. a Soccer Team Roster, contact list for a team etc.)

A Family Medical Section with copies of your Children’s recent Physical Forms and Immunization Records

A Day in the Life Sheet.  This sheet is helpful for families with small children.  It is an information sheet with a general outline of your daily schedule, what the kids eat, when they nap etc.  A Day in the Life is very helpful if someone has to step in to help when Mom or Dad are suddenly unavailable.

Emergency Contact Sheet.  A brief listing of Emergency phone numbers.  Examples may be:  Your cell number, a neighbor’s number, Parent’s or Grandparent’s numbers, Poison Control, Non emergency Fire or Police, School etc.

Section for Food Coupons and Menus.  This section does not necessarily need to include the menus if the family is comfortable looking at the menu on line each time.  It is important to have a centralized location for coupons.  Let everyone know where to find them.

Stationary Folder.  A envelope or folder that you 3 hole punch and use to hold stamps, address labels, envelopes and basic paper.

Where should I store my Reference Binder?

It is very important to store your Reference Binder in your Control Center area.  If you haven’t set a Control Center up yet and need assistance, here is a post with more information (https://jborganizing.com/organizing-tips/control-center-set-up/more-paper-more-information-help-setting-up-a-control-center-step-by-step-instructions/) or contact us at [email protected] at anytime.

Customize the Reference Binder for you and your family.

The most important thing is to remember it is for Reference only.  It is not the place for action items.



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