New Parenting Series Coming


Many of you already know that I have 5 teenagers and I speak regularly on parenting, organizing and resume/small business development. While I do not profess to know much (my children think I know nothing 🙂 and am completely flying by the seat of my pants in this parenting of teens thing, I have learned a couple of things about parenting and am learning more all the time! A new series I am going to be sharing is the “One thing I have learned” series.

I would love for other people to learn from my many mistakes over the years. Most of all I hope this series reminds everyone that they are not alone. We are all in this parenting journey together and might as well learn from one another. Even if you are not a parent, you may be an influential in a child’s life and there is so much you can learn and do to help them.  

Please let me know if there is a specific question you have or a specific topic you would like to see addressed. There is so much to talk about, requests are welcome!! #onethingihavelearned #parentingsupport #learningasigo #jborganizingtips


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