We Are Not Alone! (I found this reflection I wrote after a particularly bad night in 2014 — It definitely still applies today and every day!!)

We are Not Alone.

After a  really bad (challenging) evening last night on the home front, I was listening to the news this morning and heard a story that struck me.

A Mother and Father were on TV pleading for any information on the disappearance of their 21 year old, senior in college, son.  They praised the work of the authorities and all involved.  Everyone from the church to the FBI and everyone in between has been so helpful and is working so hard they said.   There they sat, as you saw pictures of him, vigils, quotes from friends and family and the Mom said, “I always doubted my Mothering abilities, but after hearing what people (friends, classmates, teachers) are saying about my son, I think I did ok.”

It struck me with renewed clarity that we are not alone.  All of us as Mothers are struggling with the same things.  The same doubts, feelings of inadequacy, uncertainties, worries, and general feeling of not knowing what we are doing.  First……I was sad.  Then…..I was relieved (It’s not just me!).  Finally …..reminded of two things…..We are not alone.  We have God (the parent of all parents) and he gave us each other.  The visual earthly assistance provided by God the Father himself.

We need to lean on him and we need to help each other!

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