JB Organizing: 5 Principles of Organizing.

5 Principles of Organization:   

1.  Small   2.  Declutter   3.  Condense   4.  Contain   5.  Label

  •  Small Steps (One thing at a time.  Break tasks down into tiny increments.  Set a timer for 15 minutes – amazing what can be done when a timer is set.  You don’t have to do it all now.)
  • Decluttering – 5 bags
    • Throw Away (Follow this link for disposal information https://jborganizing.com/organizing-tips/where-to-recycledispose-of-various-household-chemicals-and-products/ )
    • Give Away (Follow this link for a list of Donation Ideas https://jborganizing.com/organizing-tips/donation-ideas-and-locations/ )
    • Put Away – Things that do not have a home in the specific area that you are decluttering.
    • File Away – Papers that do not have a home in the specific area that you are decluttering
    • Hide Away – Things you don’t think you can bear to part with, that you put in a bin and if you don’t look for it in a month you donate it.  (For best results have a friend keep the Hide Away bin and give them permission to donate it if you don’t ask for it in a month)
  • Condense  – Put like items in one spot. (i.e. condense from 5 spots for scotch tape to 1)
  • Contain – Contain the like items to a bin or basket.  (i.e. limit yourself – one memory bin for each child etc.)
  • Label!!! – Specifically and detailed.  Never assume you will remember what is in a bin.  Label so that others can know where everything is.  

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