Decluttering Your Home – How Do You Start?

Decluttering Our Homes – How do we start?

We talked about decluttering our Hearts – Now what about our homes?  How do we even begin to get rid of all the stuff that we don’t use, need, or want?  


First, break each project down into Small Steps.  

Go into each area you are going to declutter and start by the door and move top to bottom, corner to corner.  Break it down into small steps. Write down each step. For example, take a garage…..start by the door, write down each step, 1. Athletic shoes  2. Balls 3. Gardening equipment, 4. Sand toys etc.

Why bother breaking the projects down into small steps?

  1. Let’s you do things in smaller units of time, making it more doable.

Assume you have small units of time – 15 minute increments.  Set a timer.

  1. Let’s you move methodically – so you know where you left off each time.  Corner to corner top to bottom. Do not take everything out and think you will have enough time to declutter and organize it all.  Small Steps, little bits at a time.
  2. Allows you to finish things, check them off and accomplish something, which in turn motivates you to do more.


Second, use the 5 Bin Decluttering System.  Label each box/bin so you know at a glance what goes in each one.  

  1. Throw Away – For Garbage/Recycling
  2. Give Away – For any item that you are going to donate.  If you have multiple donation locations, then set up a separate box for each – labeling each clearly.
  3. Put Away – For any item that does not have a home in the specific area you are currently decluttering.  
  4. File Away – For any paper that does not have a home in the specific area you are currently decluttering.
  5. Hide Away –  For any item that you don’t think you need or want, but aren’t sure you can let go of.  Put it in the Hide Away bin and if you don’t get it out within the month, then donate the items.  OR Give the bin to a friend and tell them if you don’t ask them for it in the next month, then they have your permission to donate the items.  The Hide Away bin is a very effective with things we have trouble parting with.

Set up your decluttering bins/boxes right by the area that you are decluttering.  You do not want to have to leave that area at all when you are decluttering. Any time you leave an area, there is high probability of distractions occurring that will keep you from completing the task.  


Why Bother using the 5 Bin Decluttering System?

The 5 bins give you a specific place to put things that don’t belong in that space, as you are decluttering.  If you are using the bins and get interrupted or run out of time, you can easily move them to the side (and take the “Throw Away” and “Give Away” to the appropriate places) and you are not left with a mess. In addition, you can then pull them out and start again, when you have another 15 minutes.  

The 5 Bin Decluttering System keeps the items you are getting rid of contained until you can take them to their new homes.  

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