Decluttering – How do we know what to get rid of?

How do you know what to get rid of?  

Things to think about.

Sometimes it’s quick.

  1. Is it broken?
  2. Do you like it?
  3. Do care about it?
  4. Do you use it? How often?
  5. How many do you have like it?

Sometimes it’s NOT so simple

  1. Think of scales – with physical, mental, emotional, financial cost on each side.   You have to weigh each thing on each side – on the side of getting rid of the item and on the side of keeping it.
  2. A mistake people make is to just think of the Financial, mental, and emotional cost when they are deciding whether to get rid of something and they do not look at the mental, emotional, physical cost of keeping it and storing it.  Every item we keep has a definite physical, mental, emotional and sometimes financial cost of keeping it.  We have to consider both sides!
  3. An Example:  A bedroom set takes up more physical space, which mentally weighs on a person, and emotionally weighs on them – the “cost” of keeping it far outweighs the cost of getting rid of it and possibly someday having to buy another bedroom set.  
  4. Don’t get caught up in the “What Ifs” – If you don’t need it right now or have a very specific plan for it in the near future – let it go.  


It helps to have someone else there to tell you it’s ok to get rid of things.  

Part of what a Professional Organizer does it is act as the outside person that can see a situation and things differently and is able to give the “permission” and the reassurance that is needed for people to let go of things and successfully declutter.  

We can help!  


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