Graduation Series: Advice for Parents of Graduates

There is always so much to learn….for those graduating and for those parenting them. 

First and foremost…..You know your child. They really are the same kid they have always been, they are just a bigger version …..facing bigger things….but with generally the same strengths and weaknesses…You know them.

Here are a couple things to consider…..

  1. Listen
  2. Be present
  3. Encourage them in whatever they want to do.
  4. Rules for a Career: You have to be able to support yourself, Doing something you love, That is legal.
  5. You still have room to talk if you are supporting them financially in any way.
  6. It is OK to expect a level of responsibility.
  7. You can bribe them to spend time with you – (i.e. Buy them an Iced Coffee to get 15 minutes in the car with them.)
  8. Set up a communication schedule. Set a day that they will check in with you.
  9. Text them just to say hi and remind them that they are loved.
  10. Have them pay for some things – it gives them a vested interest.
  11. Listen
  12. Visit them.
  13. Ask about their classes
  14. Ask about their job.
  15. Ask about their friends.
  16. Listen.
  17. Share pieces of your life. Share about your day.
  18. Show them how to cook.
  19. Teach them basic skills.
  20. Have them send Thank You notes for any gifts or cards they have been given.
  21. Show them (by example) how to be thankful even in the midst of difficult times.
  22. Forgive them when they mess up, because it will happen.
  23. Don’t take away or protect them from the consequences of their actions, those are the best teachers. 
  24. Love them unconditionally and let them know often.

Listen.   Be Present.   Love.   Listen.   Be Present.   Love.  

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