Jennifer is ABSOLUTELY amazing!! My only regret is that I did not meet up with her a couple years earlier. How different my life would have been.

Highly skilled and friendly organizer. You will learn the techniques and tools needed to fully organize your space if you hire her. Transforming work. And bonus: We also enjoy her company and life perspectives.

Jen has helped me tremendously! She has helped me organize photos and memories for scrapbooking. She has given me tips on how to set up my home office. She is always available for questions and helping to problem solve. She has all the current and up-to-date knowledge regarding organizing resources. Jen has gone above and beyond assisting with our home organizational needs. I would highly recommend her.

Jennifer has helped create space where I couldn’t see space. My husband and kids have noticed a difference. I had the outward appearance of being organized- Jennifer helped the infrastructure match up.

Jennifer comes in with a clear plan. She always makes my living space better. It’s like therapy for my home.

I have had the privilege of working with JB Organizing and referring clients to them. A firm believer in a holistic approach to wellness, having a space that is organized and clutter free helps from a physical and emotional stand point. JB Organizing is professional in every aspect.

“Jennifer has a rare ability to understand the psychology of stuff and helped me overcome the emotional attachment I had to some things, too. My grandmother grew up during the Great Depression, so I always swore it was in my genes to “save everything.”  Jennifer helped me prioritize and pare down, so much so that my life and opportunities have blossomed in so many ways. I firmly believe it is because I am not wasting so much energy and time on clutter and too much stuff, in my home and in my head.  Thank you, Jennifer!”

“Jennifer Barnes is not only an excellent professional organizer, because she makes organizing fun, but she changed my life! I was very overwhelmed by stuff, especially by papers and information coming from my child’s school and elsewhere. She gave our family an easy, straightforward system to use. Her countless tips and ideas have helped me in so many ways.”

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Home Organization: General and Room Specific

We work with you! We customize the schedule and process to fit you specifically.
(Virtual or In Person Assistance Available)


General Home Organization

Kids Spaces

Kitchen Organizing

Closet Organizing

Garage Organizing

Development and implementation of new organizational systems and processes; for yourself, your family, or your business.

Paper & Information Management

Time and Task Management

Unpacking and organizing in a new home situation.

Decluttering and organizing in preparation for a move.

“I tend to work myself out of a job, because I would rather get to know the client and figure out what works best for them in the long run and teach them how to do it themselves, instead of doing it on my own. I can make any area look great, but if it doesn’t fit the personality of the family/individual that is using it, it won’t stick! I want them to be able to take what I have taught them and do the next organizing project themselves.” (JB Organizing)

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