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Organizing Talks

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All presentations can also be prepared and presented as Faith Based.

If  you have an idea that you do not see represented, please let me know, as I frequently customize presentations to the needs of a given organization. 


  • How to Get Motivated, Stay Motivated, and THRIVE (NEW)

    Do you want to get organized? Learn something new? We share practical tips for getting motivated- no matter what you want to accomplish. Then we identify some of the obstacles that often keep us from staying motivated and learn some strategies for overcoming them. We close with a look at 6 Things that will help you to THRIVE in 2021 and beyond.

  • Organizing & Parenting Solutions to Everyday Problems (NEW)

Getting a handle on “stuff” can be a challenge for both adults and kids  In this presentation we look at how to best organize our homes to provide healthy and efficient spaces for adults and kids to “work” and “play”. Through discussion of how to organize our space and our time, we will learn practical ways to teach our kids to be organized and responsible. The talk closes with discussion of how to maintain the systems and spaces that we set up in our homes.

  • Organizing & Parenting Solutions to Pandemic Problems 

We are in a new normal with new difficulties. In this presentation we look at how to best organize our homes to provide healthy and efficient work spaces for adults and kids. Through discussion of how to organize our space and our time, we will learn practical ways to teach our kids to be organized and responsible. The talk closes with discussion of how to maintain the systems and spaces that we set up in our homes, long after the pandemic fades.

  • Organizing 101: Organizing Anything Anywhere

    Starting with a reminder that we, our homes, and our families are all unique and different; we press on with a reminder to not compare!  The presentation highlights the different types of Organizers and how our personalities impact how we must organize in order to be effective.  We then take an in depth look at the 5 Principles of Organizing and how to apply them to anything….. anywhere.  We conclude with practical methods for maintaining the organization.

  • Organizing 101:  Hitting the Clutter Hotspots

    We begin by learning about the different types of organizers and asking “What type of Organizer am I?”.  Next we pinpoint our “hotspots”.  We then move on to what a Control Center is and how to set one up in our home.  After that we address some other common trouble spots like organization of Children’s art supplies and artwork, as well as toys and other areas.  We close with some tips on how to maintain the organization and keep the systems of organization in place.  

  • Organizing 101:  Time and Task Management

    How do I get anything done when I am so busy?  We answer this question by talking about boundaries and providing simple practical tips for how to manage our time.  Next, we look at the variety of tasks that we face and how to concretely and simply manage them day to day. Organization definitely comes into play with Time and Task Management and we help get you on the road to better organizational habits and end with a look at how to maintain those habits over time.

  • Organizing 101:  Managing the Paper Trail  

    Drowning in paper?  We are all inundated by information and paper every day.  “Managing the Paper Trail” helps each person determine what type of organizer they are and where the most common paper hotspots are in our homes.  We then look at some practical ways to manage the different types of paper and information.   In addition, this talk addresses how we can use technology to help us tame the paper trail.  Not sure what paper you have to keep and what you don’t?  We will cover this information as well, and work on instituting maintenance practices, to prevent future feelings of “drowning in paper”.  

  • Organizing 101:  Spring Cleaning Specifics

    Here we look at how to apply some basic organizing principles for any area of our home.  We examine the type of organizer we are and the type of organizers that live in our homes.  We identify our special project hotspots and learn how to make the most effective spring cleaning plan.  There is discussion of the most common areas that people tackle each spring, along with practical ways to find time to finish the spring cleaning projects.  Finally, we examine how to make Spring Cleaning less stressful for future years, by maintaining the organization of common areas.  

  • Organizing 101:  Back to School Basics

    In this presentation we look at organization through the lens of the school year and the challenges it presents to the adults and kids in a home.  We tackle organizing the main areas in the home where school papers pile.  Practical tips are given to help kids be more independent and have less work for Mom and Dad.  We also look at organizing kids areas to decrease stress at home, and improve the student’s ability to handle things that come home from school.  Simple and practical tips are provided for both parents and kids. 

  • Organizing Your Life with School Age Children and Teaching Them to Organize Theirs  

    This presentation is a perfect mix of some basic Organizational tips for people to apply at home and important information to share with kids so that they can more easily organize the information received at school.  We look at what it means for a child to be responsible. Then we explore specific organizational tools that can be applied at home by the adults and serve as a powerful example to the kids.  Next, discussion turns to practical examples of what the kids can do to learn to be responsible and organized. Finally, we look at how to maintain the new habits or organization.

  • Organizing Quick Tips and Cool Hacks 

    This presentation starts with a quick, yet poignant reminder to let go of comparisons.  We then move on to the 5 Organizing Principles and the 5 T’s of Communication that will help you organize anything anywhere with anyone!  We conclude with some cool hacks that you can use to bring organization to some common problem areas.

  • Decluttering Our Hearts and Homes:  The Emotional Connection to Stuff

    “I can’t get rid of that!” ….. This statement can be heard in every home, in every business, in every place…. No one is immune from the pull that “things” have on us.  Everyone faces the task of decluttering at some point.  In this presentation we look at specific steps to effectively declutter the spaces in which we live and work.  We also examine the Why and How behind our emotional connection to things.  We conclude with what we can do to embrace emotional and mental connections, without letting them clutter our hearts.  

  • Cut the Chaos, Reduce the Stress:  The IMPACT of Good Time and Task Management on your Health  (IMPACT Postcard Handout)

    How can we get everything done?  How can I make more time for myself and my family?  How can I possibly manage all the different needs and activities?  In this brief presentation we examine 5 quick Time and Task Management principles, and work to answer those questions.  We talk about the IMPACT that good time and task management has on one’s health and well being.  The IMPACT principles provided, offer an easy to remember formula for cutting chaos and reducing stress in our lives.

  • Time and Information Management:  Organizing in a Digital World

    “I don’t have time!”  We hear this and say this so often in this fast paced digital world we live in!  Can we change this? Yes! While we can’t create more hours, we can be more efficient with the hours we do have.  In this presentation, we look at how we receive and manage our time and information…..this will highlight the “why bother” behind learning to use the tools available to us in this Digital age.  Then, we look at the top Apps/Programs for managing everything from our schedule and tasks to our projects and teams.

  • I am Where God Put Me…..Now How Do I Get Organized?

    How did I get here?  Sometimes life seems like a blur and it seems some days like we all of the sudden look up and find ourselves in the middle of a life and we aren’t sure how we got there.  In this presentation we look at where we are and remember that God has a reason for putting us each where we are.  It isn’t always that simple though, so we look also at the hurdles that might be in the way of us realizing our purpose. Then we look practically at how to get organized where we are and flourish in the place where God put each of us.  

  • Planning For the Future While Living in the Moment

    The Present is a present, but remember to be prepared!  In this presentation we look at practical ways to plan ahead, while enjoying the moment; including practicing the art of gratitude in our everyday lives and using calendars and To Do lists to handle what needs to be done.  A motivating, yet practical presentation for people in all stages of life.

  • Wasting Time Each Day? Simple Tips to ERASE Inefficiency 

Do you feel like you are wasting time each day? Do you feel like you are recreating the wheel each time you do something? Inefficiency is often rampant in our lives and homes and we don’t even realize it.  In this presentation we review the 5 Principles of Organizing so we can make our spaces as efficient as possible. We also talk about 6 simple ways to Erase inefficiency in our daily lives using the easy to remember ERASER acronym. Walk away with practical tips for being more efficient each day.