Jennifer did a great job zoning in on the perfect topic to help our small business owners revisit their planning. Jennifer was dynamic and fun. She provided a perfect balance of professional and personal guidance for our group.

“I’m so grateful to have Jen’s organization expertise, business & parenting advice, and product recommendations. Working with her has been life-changing and the positive effects have a trickle effect into many areas of life, not just organization.

JB Organizing has given me a system that has helped me not only organize small spaces like drawers and countertops or large spaces like closets and rooms ; JB has shown me how to think about how I organize everything in my life .

She helped us to choose what we actually needed and wanted and get rid of the stuff that was just getting in the way. She also helped us to develop systems that actually work! It’s so much more than just reorganizing your home. Jen helped us to reorganize our minds

Jennifer helped me prioritize and pare down, so much so that my life and opportunities have blossomed in so many ways. I firmly believe it is because I am not wasting so much energy and time on clutter and too much stuff, in my home and in my head. Thank you, Jennifer!