JB’s Must Reads: “Price of Privilege” by Madeline Levine, PhD

Must Read Series

By JB Organizing

Must Read Series

JB’s Must Reads  

Price of Privilege

By Madeline Levine, PhD.

JB’s Review:

“Price of Privilege” by Madeline Levine, PhD. is a book that I refer to in my talk on “Raising Responsible Children”.  I like that it is very factually and directly written, and brings to light some struggles uniquely facing many children today.  It is not just the opinion of a person, rather it shows factual observations based on the author’s and other experts’ 25+ years of counseling teens and families.  The book takes a unique look at kids being raised in middle class to affluent homes with generally stable and well intentioned parental units.  As parents, we work hard to provide a better life for our children (which is a good thing), but are we inadvertently sabotaging them in some ways? A cautionary lesson is given to us in the “Price of Privilege, making it definitely a “Must Read” for anyone who has children or has a part in raising kids.

Information on the author – Madeline Levine, PhD.

Information on the book – “Price of Privilege”


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