JB’s Must Reads: “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” and “Strong Mothers, Strong Sons” by Dr. Meg Meeker

Must Read Series

JB’s Must Reads:

“Strong Fathers Strong Daughters”

“Strong Mothers Strong Sons”

By Dr. Meg Meeker, MD

JB’s Review:

The books look at the invaluable role that Fathers (male role models in general) have in the life of a girl and that Mothers (female role models in general) have in the life of a boy.   The author does a wonderful job at presenting the facts (based on research and her vast experience as a Mother and a Pediatrician) and relatable stories that illustrate her ideas.  She writes in such a way, as to assure you that you are not alone and that you can do this parenting thing.  She does not just present issues, she also gives practical tips on what you can do to address the needs of the child.  She includes information and tips for single parents as well, assuring them that there are ways to meet the needs of the child if the Father or Mother are not present.  She gives solid evidence, encouragement, and assistance to Moms and Dads.  

In addition, if you are a Mother of a daughter, I would encourage you to read the “Strong Fathers Strong Daughters” as well.  It is an invaluable tool in helping us to understand the role of men in a girl’s life.  If your spouse will not pick up a parenting book, it is ok 🙂  Read the book yourself and over time share the ideas with him/her.  If you are a Father of a son, I would encourage you to read “Strong Mothers Strong Sons” as well.  It will give you a great insight into the invaluable role of a woman (mother) in your son’s life.  We all need any help we can get understanding the opposite gender and the role they need to play in each child’s life.

Dr. Meg Meeker, has written many wonderful books.  These are just two that I am highlighting in honor of Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day not long ago).  The books are very engaging, very well written, and easy to read and understand.  You can read them a couple pages at a time over a period of weeks or months, or read them all at once.  They are also wonderful references. You can easily look up a topic or chapter and go back and read it again at a later date.  I would highly recommend these books to any Father or Mother; or other person who is an important role model or influence in any young girl’s or boy’s life.

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