I don’t have room! Sound Familiar? Here’s How to Use Your Vertical Space Effectively

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Whether you live in a small space or you just need more room, there’s untapped potential you are probably missing out on. And that is learning how to use the vertical space in your home! Vertical storage solutions are a great way to maximize space, and on top of that, it can be a fun DIY project for you or the whole household.

We have prepared some tips to help you with this endeavor. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be full of ideas and eager to make the best out of your place!

Smart ways to use the vertical space in your home

From shelves to plants, from nooks to art pieces. There are many ways to add more storage and style to your home. If you have just moved in and are still unsure how to set up the place, we are hoping this guide will help make your house into a home. However, before starting, it is vital that you clean the surfaces, sanitize your new home the right way, and prepare it for the works. It could take months to set everything up the way you want it and get the house in order, but organizing your vertical space is a great project with which to start.

Get rid of things you no longer use

Before adding new items to your home and organizing the vertical spaces, it’s a great idea to declutter first. Otherwise, more storage space means more items to hold onto and store. The things you no longer use could be of excellent use to someone else! Donating or recycling items is a great way to deal with all the extra stuff that takes up space.

When you finish clearing out your space, now it’s time to design it. The following suggestions offer a useful way to do so:


Well, we have to start with the basics: good old shelves. They are a “golden item” in home decorating for a reason. They let you maximize your area, have a storage place, and use the vertical space to your full advantage.

You can put diagonal shelves in the small corners, or you can have floor-to-ceiling shelving in your living room or even in the garage. Adding shelves is also a perfect solution if you lack the available surfaces to display decor and you have a suitable large blank wall. The ideas are many, just grab those shelves and find them a place!

Caption: This is a wonderful example of a way to mix shelves and art when using the vertical space in your home.

Alt: Shelves and artwork on a white wall.

Add unique artwork

One of the best ways to fill out and use the vertical space in your home is art. It personalizes a house and makes it a home. You can show your passions and aesthetics through art, and mainly, it’s a great element of design.

A big, prominent piece of art can be a focal point of a small room. But it does not have to be paintings that make your gallery wall eye-catching. You could add framed children’s drawings, family photos, memorabilia from way back, and so on.

Create a workstation

With the pandemic running our lives for the past year, most of us have been working from home. We were left to create our own offices in the comfort of our homes and organize the working space.

Caption: In a home office, it’s essential to have everything at your reach. Using vertical space is an excellent solution for that!
Alt: A computer on a white wooden table with shelves next to it.

If you are stuck using a laptop on a kitchen counter, creating a make-shift workstation in your closet might be the right idea for you! Your closet could be just the perfect place to set up a station with a desk and a computer. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a closet; you can also look for another suitable corner in your own home. Above the desk, you could add shelves, a vertical to-do list, a chalkboard to draw down plans and ideas, and so much more.

Vertical space in the pantry

Organizing a pantry can sometimes be difficult work, especially if you have small space on your hands. But an organized pantry makes our job in the kitchen easier and gives better access to items.

Caption: Having a nicely organized pantry makes our job in the kitchen that much easier.

Alt: A small pantry in a kitchen.

Usually, you will need additional shelves, boxes, stackable baskets, dividers, etc. Some of the ways to utilize all of the vertical space:

  • A pegboard – It is an easy-to-grab location for your pots, pans, utensils, and so on. Using it helps with clearing out your countertops to have more place for cooking adventures.
  • A pocket organizer – You could hang it on your pantry wall and fill it with spices, tea, coffee creamer – basically anything that fits in!
  • Square containers – For your dried goods, cereal, rice, etc.; plus, you can stack them up.
  • Mason jars – They are cute, useful, and stackable! Great for baking supplies, grains, nuts, seeds.

Mirror, mirror on the wall!

Mirrors are a great décor trick, especially when it comes to using vertical space in your home. They add brightness to a room and have a unique power to make it seem bigger, something that’s particularly significant when decorating a smaller space.

You can incorporate different shapes and sizes to spice up the place just a tad more. They fit great above your bed, in the entryway, across a window, you name it!
There are also mirrors that open and reveal a compartment for even more storage. They can be used for hanging up jewelry, hair accessories, etc.  

There are many creative ways to use the vertical space in your home. We have named just a few, which will hopefully give you good ideas and get you excited to start your project. Vertical space is something that is often overlooked, but using it right can make a huge difference, especially if you live in a smaller space!



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