JB Organizing Spotlight Tips: Shoes

JB Organizing Spotlight Tips:  Shoes

Keep It Simple!

My number one tip for people who have kids is for them to keep it simple.   Kids and many adults are more likely to throw shoes into a basket (when they walk in the door) than they are to line them nicely on a shoe rack, put them on a shelf, or put them in a closet.  To make it easier on you, put a nice basket by the door for them to put their shoes in.  Keep the fancy shoe solutions for the upstairs closets or for the adults shoes.  


Baskets/Wood bins etc.:  Pick a pretty basket or one that matches your decor and put it by the door that the family most often comes through.  

  • People can easily throw their shoes in the basket and the entry area stays looking nice.
  • When the basket is full, that is your cue to put some of the shoes away.  
  • Have one for kids and another for adults.
  • People are more likely to “put shoes away” if that means tossing them in a basket.


Creative shoe solutions for entryway areas:

IKEA Shoe Storage          

Table/Shoe Storage

Stair Storage

Shoe solutions for small spaces and those that use the hidden spaces (corners, vertical, wall space etc.):

Inside a bench                                                                                            

                                   Over the door


                         In a corner


Hidden in plain site                                                                                          

            Book Shelf


PVC shoe storage                                                                                  

                   Under the bed  boxes


Under a bed skirt                                                                             

 Hooks on a chair rail

Clever shoe solutions for closets:

Hang the Shoes on Crown Molding (Great for heels)                            

    Tension rods                      



  Hang boots by hangers with hooks and shoe hangers

     Magazine Holders for Flip Flops and Sandals                   

 Drawer Units (Different drawers for different people or types of shoes)

  Baskets on the wall (using vertical space)

Hang the shoes on hooks (put the hooks in molding or a chair rail for stability)

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