JB Organizing’s 15 for 30 Challenge General Guidelines


JB Organizing’s 15 for 30 Challenge

General Guidelines

  1. Put 4 bin/basket/bags, labeled as follows, by the area that you are going to declutter.

Put Away, File Away, Throw Away, Give Away, Hide Away.

(This makes it so you do not leave the area you are decluttering while you are working – reducing distractions)

  1.   Set a Timer for 15 Minutes.  If you finish the 15 minutes and have more time then set it again for another 15 minutes.  Starting with more than 15 minutes can easily lead to frustration.  It is better to take things one small step at a time.  

Small Step Lead to Large Victories.  

We work much more efficiently when we have a time limit.

  1. Pick a place to start and move methodically from there.  Take it one small spot at a time, moving top to bottom (or bottom to top) and corner to corner around a room.  

Skipping around leads to more confusion, distraction and makes it harder to finish an area.

  1. I will provide different ideas/suggestions of areas that you can declutter each day, so that I hit on an area/suggestion that is helpful to everyone at some point.  However, it is more effective for each individual to pick a spot to start and use the daily 15 minutes to methodically work through that area and then move on to the next.  

(See the previous Guideline)

Ready, Set, Go

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