JB’s Organizing Tips: Beware of Baskets

Beware of baskets

JB Organizing Tip:

Beware of Baskets

Be careful having baskets around your home.

Used well they can be great,

but most often they aren’t even used for their intended purpose.

Baskets can easily become pretty dumping places.

A quick organizing project, can be to take ONE of your baskets and make sure it is being used in the way you really want.

Make sure each of your baskets is being used for a very specific purpose.  

For example, A basket to hold stationary or a basket to hold hair bows.

NEVER have a basket to hold miscellaneous items.

If you do NOT have a SPECIFIC purpose for each basket then consider cleaning it out and removing the basket.   

CONSIDER:  Giving the unused baskets away or if they are expensive – sell them.  

ONLY store them if the cost of replacing them outweighs the “cost”(physical space, financial, emotional) of storing them until you know for sure that you will not need it for a specific purpose.


Baskets can be beautiful, but they can easily become pretty dumping places, if not used for a SPECIFIC purpose.

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