Organizing for Spontaneous Spring and Summer Fun


Organizing for Spontaneous Spring and Summer Fun

By JB Organizing

I know it sounds contradictory — “organizing for spontaneous fun” – however, a little bit of organization now, can free you up to be able to be more spontaneous later.  

Try it!  It will pay off!

The “just in case” bag

In most areas of the country Spring is the time of unpredictable temperatures and weather systems.  In order to be prepared, put a bag together with all of the “just in case” items and keep it in the trunk of your car.  It will go a long way to making spring days and outings less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.  Even allowing for some Spring Spontaneity!

What’s in the bag? Top Ten Items

  1. Sunscreen – for face and body
  2. Bug Spray
  3. Wipes
  4. Sweatshirt for each person. (Because weather can change in a minute)
  5. Extra socks (for when they are wearing flip flops and you stop at a play area)
  6. Ball or Frisbee, Bubble, and Chalk (for spontaneous fun while you are waiting for someone)
  7. Hair rubber bands (if you have girls 🙂 (For when they want to play and it is windy)
  8. Blanket
  9. Non-perishable snacks. (Cut back on the fast food stops, save time and money)
  10. Water bottles

First Aid — Just in Case!

You can buy a ready made First Aid Kit from any drug store, discount store etc. or you can make your own.  Here’s what you need.  

  1. Band Aids (varying sizes)
  2. First Aid spray/First Aid ointment
  3. New Skin (liquid bandage — Is incredible and a must have!)
  4. Alcohol wipes
  5. Tylenol/Motrin
  6. Instant ice pack
  7. Tweezers

A little planning will go a long way to making the Spring and Summer more fun and less stressful for everyone involved!

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