JB’s Organization Destination: Refrigerator/Freezer

JB’s Organization Destination:


Why bother?  

It will save you time when making your shopping list, because you will be able to see what you need at a glance.

It will save you money, because you will be less likely to over buy.

It will save food, because things won’t get shoved into the back and go bad.

It makes it easier for other people to help you put the groceries away and find things for you!!!!

Step 1:  Declutter your refrigerator.  (Sounds funny right?  Trust me!  🙂

Throw Away – expired, broken, never used

Give Away – what you don’t you use, but a friend might and is still good

Put Away – store items in a second basement or outside refrigerator that are not used often

Step 2:  Condense like items into categories.  

What types of items do you have?  

Put similar items together.  (i.e. salad dressings, sauces/marinades, fruit, yogurt, cheeses  etc.)

You can also put common themed items together, if you use them in that manner frequently.  

Common Themes Include:  Mexican ingredients – guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese;  Sandwich items;  Kid’s snacks;  Breakfast Items.  

Step 3:  Contain the categories into containers or specific areas of the refrigerator/freezer.

Look at the space and see what you have and how you might use all the space efficiently.  

Raise or lower shelves – we often forget that the shelves are usually adjustable.  Change things up!   Be Creative!!!

Buy specific containers or additional shelves to use the space strategically.  (Measure first – depth/width/height of shelves and drawers)

Step 4:  Be realistic.  

Make sure you are leaving room for leftovers and new purchases.  

You can corral most things in bins, but be realistic  Items like milk, OJ, eggs, can be loose, but always store them in the same spot.  

Step 5:  Label!!!  

Label the bins – be specific.

Label the drawers.

Label the spots on the shelves (for the regular items – i.e. milk, OJ, eggs.)


Predictability – items always stored in the same spot, Clarity in labeling, and Containing things in bins; all lead to money saved, simple shopping list building, and the ability for others to more easily help.  

Good Organization is supposed to lead to more delegation, independence, and responsibility for others,

NOT more work for Mom!

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