Preserve It – Home Videos

Make Sure To:

  1. Gather them all in one place
  2. Put them in categories by format (i.e. slide, reel, VHS, DVD etc.)
  3. Transfer them to digital format for safe storage – Flash Drive – external hard drive
  4. Back them up in the Cloud – Google Photos, Amazon, iCloud
  5. Once they are in the digital format – Make sure you have the means of viewing them when desired. You want to be able to show them to your children and enjoy the memories.
  6. Label the Digital copies clearly – events, locations, time periods etc.
  7. Store the digital versions in a safe or safety deposit box.
  8. Store the login information for the place they are backed up (Google, Amazon etc.) in the safe or safety deposit box as well. 
  9. If you want to keep the original film to maintain archival quality – make sure to store it in a specialized container that protects the film and keep the projector or means of playing the original film/tape etc.

Transfer Services:

Services that will transfer the reels, VHS, mini tapes etc. to Digital Format 

(These are just some – there are many more!)






Legacy Box





A Great Resource for More Tips!

Here is a great resource from the Library of Congress with some information on archiving personal videos. (Might as well learn from the experts on preservation!)

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