They’ve Got This – Hair Care: Tips and Tricks of the Trade

They’ve Got This! Expert Series

Hair Care: Tips and Tricks of the Trade

by Hair Care Expert

Bridget Lawless 

5 Styling tips of the trade

1.Wash your hair as often as necessary. Not everyone needs to shampoo their hair everyday. If you happen to have naturally oily hair you most likely would be an everyday shampooer, on the other hand if you have naturally dry hair you may be able to go as many as 3 days without shampooing. 

2.  Dry shampoo really works. To give your hair a little boost use a dry shampoo. It will help soak up any oils and give you a fresh looking style. If you tend to have limp hair, dry shampoo can bump it up even after you blow dry the same day.You can also use a little dry shampoo just in your bang area to help prevent greasy bangs throughout the day.

3.  Protect your hair from the heat. You don’t have to be picky about what brand you use because there are so many great products out there, but it is necessary to use a blow dry cream, mousse or leave in treatment. If you use any irons on your hair daily, use a spray heat protector that you apply after the blow dry and before the iron is used.

4.  Work your natural curl. If you have natural curls or even a wave, definitely work with what you have. Find a good curl cream to add moisture and use a curl spray to help lock in that curl. If you prefer a more voluminous curl, use a mousse. Make sure to brush your hair in the shower with a conditioner but avoid brushing after you’re out of the shower. Do NOT towel dry. It is best to apply your product to wet hair. Use an old t-shirt after the product has been applied to scrunch your hair.  If you have time, check out the “plopping” technique.

5.  Getting a smooth blow dry. Start with a blow dry cream. For thin hair, use a light cream and a root lifter, for thicker hair with more waves, use a heavier blow dry cream and more specifically a smoothing cream. You want to get a little moisture out of the hair, so don’t let it air dry for too long because your natural curl will start to set in and you will need to use your straightener more, which you want to avoid. Dry your bangs first so you don’t have any parts or cowlicks that might start to dry. Using a paddle brush working from the top down pointing your blow dryer towards the floor. Some blow dryers have a nozzle attachment, which is a game changer if used correctly. It will help direct the air flow and smooth out the cuticle of your hair, which leaves it shiny and smooth. When your hair is about 90% dry, use a round brush to add volume and smooth the ends to soften the style. You won’t need to use an iron much if you take the time to work a good blow dry. This style will last a few days with the help of some dry shampoo and a little freshening up with an iron.

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