Protect It – Passwords – What should you do with all of them?

I still think the best way to keep all your passwords safe is to write them down and store them with your important Documents (See Previous Post )   You want to go Digital instead….Here are some options for you! (From 10 Free Ways to Track All Your Passwords, By Leo Babauta) Password Protection

6 Ways to Preserve and Store Your Important Documents

  Safety Deposit Box – Most banks have safety deposit boxes for a small annual fee for their customers. Fire Safe – You can purchase fire and waterproof safes for your home. They come in a variety of sizes and prices. Wallet- Certain important documents need to be kept with you and a good wallet

File Management: The 4 D’s

File Management:  The 4 D’s When going through the paper that comes across your desk and or Control Center use the 4 D’s to help you organize. Dump What can you throw out or recycle immediately? Delegate What can you have someone else do?  (Then it goes in their file and on their “to do”