Protect It – Passwords – What should you do with all of them?

I still think the best way to keep all your passwords safe is to write them down and store them with your important Documents (See Previous Post )   You want to go Digital instead….Here are some options for you! (From 10 Free Ways to Track All Your Passwords, By Leo Babauta) Password Protection

Time and Information Management: Organizing in a Digital World

“I don’t have time!”  We hear this and say this so often in this fast paced digital world we live in!  Can we change this? Yes! While we can’t create more hours, we can be more efficient with the hours we do have.  In this presentation, we look at how we receive and manage our time and information…..this will highlight the “why bother” behind learning to use the tools available to us in this Digital age.  Then, we look at the top Apps/Programs for managing everything from our schedule and tasks to our projects and teams.