Decluttering Our Hearts and Homes: The Emotional Connection to Stuff

“I can’t get rid of that!” ….. This statement can be heard in every home, in every business, in every place…. No one is immune from the pull that “things” have on us. Everyone faces the task of decluttering at some point. In this presentation we look at specific steps to effectively declutter the spaces in which we live and work. We also examine the Why and How behind our emotional connection to things. We conclude with what we can do to embrace emotional and mental connections, without letting them clutter our hearts.

Wasting Time Each Day? Simple Tips to ERASE Inefficiency

Do you feel like you are wasting time each day? Do you feel like you are recreating the wheel each time you do something? Inefficiency is often rampant in our lives and homes and we don’t even realize it. In this presentation we review the 5 Principles of Organizing so we can make our spaces as efficient as possible. We also talk about 6 simple ways to Erase inefficiency in our daily lives using the easy to remember ERASER acronym. Walk away with practical tips for being more efficient each day.

Organizing 101: Spring Cleaning Specifics

Here we look at how to apply some basic organizing principles for any area of our home. We examine the type of organizer we are and the type of organizers that live in our homes. We identify our special project hotspots and learn how to make the most effective spring cleaning plan. There is discussion of the most common areas that people tackle each spring, along with practical ways to find time to finish the spring cleaning projects. Finally, we examine how to make Spring Cleaning less stressful for future years, by maintaining the organization of common areas.

25 Living Room Organization Ideas (Featured in Article)

If your living room is cluttered and chaotic, it
can be tough to relax and spend time with your
family or entertain guests. Your living room can
become even more challenging to use if you
have a large family or an abundance of
belongings. But by taking a few simple steps to
organize your space, you can turn your living
room into a haven of peace and relaxation.