One Step at a Time, Room-by-Room Organizing: Tackling Kitchens, Bedrooms, & Living Spaces Methodically

Learn how to efficiently tackle organizing one step at a time, room-by-room in your home, from kitchens and bedrooms to living spaces. Get expert tips for a decluttering and maintaining your space.

Organizing and Mental Health: Practical Ways to Gain POWER Over Your Mental Health

This is a Private Event.

Chaos has a direct impact on our Mental Health. Organization can help improve our Mental Health. In this talk we will look at how chaos in our physical space and in our mental space directly impacts mental health and how organization can help combat the chaos. Real world stories will be shared to help reinforce the fact that this is something that impacts everyone and you are not alone. Finally, we will highlight 5 practical ways we can use Organization in our daily life to gain POWER over our Mental Health.

Decluttering Our Hearts and Homes: Our Emotional Connection to Stuff

“I can’t get rid of that!” ….. This statement can be heard in every home, in every business, in every place…. No one is immune from the pull that “things” have on us. Everyone faces the task of decluttering at some point. In this presentation we look at specific steps to effectively declutter the spaces in which we live and work. We also examine the Why and How behind our emotional connection to things. We conclude with what we can do to embrace emotional and mental connections, without letting them clutter our hearts.

“Organizing 101: Hitting the Clutter Hotspots”

The Free Presentation is open to everyone! Register Now and Join Us! “Organizing 101: Hitting the Clutter Hotspots” We begin by learning about the different types of organizers and asking “What type of Organizer am I?”.  Next we pinpoint our “hotspots”.  We then move on to what a Control Center is and how to set