Organizing 101: Creative Closets and Kitchens

Kitchens and Closets are two of the most commonly cluttered and overwhelming spots in a home. In this presentation we will first identify the major roadblocks to getting these spots organized. Then we will discuss the 5 Organizing Principles that are key to bringing ORDER to anything anywhere. From there we will look at some specific strategies and tools that can be used to organize our closets and kitchen. Finally, we close with some tips for maintaining the organization once it is done.

Organizing 101: Managing the Paper Trail and Estate Planning Documents

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For tonight’s presentation, we’re partnering with Attorney Robert Monahan of Robert Monahan Firm to discuss Organizing and Estate Planning. Developing a plan for your estate, working with an attorney to prepare the documents, and organizing and storing them securely takes time, effort, and strategy. If you don’t know where to start, both JB Organizing and Robert Monahan are here for you. On the organizing front, we’ll look at some practical ways to manage the different types of paper and information we deal with every day. In addition, this talk addresses how we can use technology to help us tame the paper trail. Not sure what paper you have to keep and what you don’t? We will cover this information as well, and work on instituting maintenance practices, to prevent future feelings of “drowning in paper” so that you have the important documents that you need and a plan to manage the paper flow.

Who’s JB? What led you to become a Professional Organizer?

How did you become a Professional Organizer?  I am often asked if I have always been organized and how I ended up becoming a Professional Organizer. Let’s start by addressing the first part. Yes, I have always been innately organized. I don’t think I would be in this industry if I wasn’t. However, I live

In Person Organizing Rates

In-Person Organizing Rates Jennifer is ABSOLUTELY amazing!! My only regret is that I did not meet up with her a couple years earlier. How different my life would have been.Highly skilled and friendly organizer. You will learn the techniques and tools needed to fully organize your space if you hire her. Transforming work. And bonus:

Time and Information Management: Organizing in a Digital World

This Free Virtual Event is open to everyone! Join us! “I don’t have time!” We hear this and say this so often in this fast paced digital world we live in! Can we change this? Yes! While we can’t create more hours, we can be more efficient with the hours we do have. In this presentation, we look at how we receive and manage our time and information…..this will highlight the “why bother” behind learning to use the tools available to us in this Digital age. Then, we look at the top Apps/Programs for managing everything from our schedule and tasks to our projects and teams.

“Jingle and Joys – 31 Days of December” – Organizing 101: Organizing Anything Anywhere

Starting with a reminder that we, our homes, and our families are all unique and different; we press on with a reminder to not compare! The presentation highlights the different types of Organizers and how our personalities impact how we must organize in order to be effective. We then take an in depth look at the 5 Principles of Organizing and how to apply them to anything….. anywhere. We conclude with practical methods for maintaining the organization.

What does a Professional Organizer do? Why hire a Professional Organizer?

What does a Professional Organizer do anyway? At JB Organizing a Professional Organizer aids people in bringing order to their home, life, office and future by providing a fresh outside perspective on the given space and situation, by designing systems and processes using organizing principles; by teaching clients specific organizing skills, and by providing motivation to