How to decide what Label Maker is best for you

Labeling is my 5th Organizing Principle that you can use to bring ORDER to Anything Anywhere.

Labeling is what KEEPS you organized.

You can get everything organized, but if things are not labeled they will not STAY Organized.


Good organization should breed more independence, delegation and responsibility for others, not more work for the Organizer. – JB Organizing

People should get organized so that they can more easily give work AWAY!

Labeling makes it so people can find things, work in a space and help easily and independently.


My litmus test for Organizing is this (and labeling is essential for it to work):

Pretend you are taken out of the picture for a weekend (because you are on a tropical vacation 🙂 Can someone else come into that space and easily do and find everything (without you there)? Good organization and good labeling makes this possible! – JB Organizing

Get organized! Get things labeled! Give more work away!


Here are some great tips for finding a good label maker:


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