Who’s JB? What led you to become a Professional Organizer?

How did you become a Professional Organizer? 

I am often asked if I have always been organized and how I ended up becoming a Professional Organizer.

Let’s start by addressing the first part. Yes, I have always been innately organized. I don’t think I would be in this industry if I wasn’t. However, I live with 6 other people and let me tell you they are not all innately organized 🙂 Life is messy and that includes the life of a Professional Organizer.

Now for how I got into the specific industry of Professional Organizing. My path to where I am now was not exactly a straight one, as is so often the case with careers and with life. My original background and experience was in Media and Public Relations – internships at PBS, NBC – Chicago, CNN – London, Golin Harris PR – Chicago, and a job at Fleishman Hillard PR – Chicago. Life events soon had me shifting into medicine – including an EMT license, AIDS Research, Allergy Testing, the MCAT and applications to Medical Schools. I’m sure you are wondering about now, what everyone always wonders – How the heck did you end up here? 

Looking back (Yes – hindsight is so much brighter!) there were 4 pivotal events that led me to becoming a Professional Organizer.

  1. I’ve always been innately organized and my father was self employed for most of my life, so being around an entrepreneur was a part of my upbringing. I am a lot like my Dad and I found that being self-employed was a good fit.
  2. An allergy testing client said to me “You would be a good Professional Organizer.” I was pregnant with my first child, had realized I wasn’t a fan of the corporate world, and at a natural career change point. I went home and researched what a Professional Organizer did and was intrigued.
  3. Organizational Communication at college. I realized that many of my classes in college were related to helping people communicate better and be more efficient in their processes – in business and in life – In essence to be more organized. 
  4. 5 kids in 5 years including a set of twins. I soon had the best lab in the world to learn my craft.

While I was still working in the medical field, I made the decision to start my own company and begin my work as a Professional Organizer. At that time, the field of Organizing was very much in its infancy. I looked at my skills, put together a plan, and started working with friends and acquaintances. Shortly after that I had my first daughter and soon stopped working in the medical field. With in 5 years, I had 5 kids and was learning and growing every day. Within a couple of years I had begun speaking at Mom’s groups and was slowly growing my client list. I chose to take my time. I always say, I grew my business as I grew my kids. 

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