What does a Professional Organizer do? Why hire a Professional Organizer?

What does a Professional Organizer do anyway?

At JB Organizing a Professional Organizer aids people in bringing order to their home, life, office and future by providing a fresh outside perspective on the given space and situation, by designing systems and processes using organizing principles; by teaching clients specific organizing skills, and by providing motivation to complete a given project.  

Our Professional Organizers also speak to various groups throughout the country; educating the public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefits.


Why hire a Professional Organizer?  Can’t I just do it myself?

Can a person organize a space by themselves?  Yes, but sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective.  We are often too close to our space, our things, and our lives to see clearly what isn’t going smoothly and how we should fix it.  We are often also very overwhelmed and struggle to find the motivation to attempt any solution we might have found.  A Professional Organizer provides the fresh outside perspective, specific plan for a given area, necessary instruction for organizing, and motivation to get it done!  Similarly….Consider a Personal Trainer….People can exercise and become physically fit on their own; but will hire a Personal Trainer to give them the necessary plan, instruction, and motivation.  A Professional Organizer acts in a similar manner in terms of helping you to make your home, office and life as orderly and “fit” as possible.  

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