JB’s Must Reads: LEMON Leadership by Brett Johnson


LEMON Leadership

By Brett Johnson


JB’s Review

This book is worth reading no matter what occupation you hold (whether working inside the home or outside the home).  Everyone who interacts with others (whether in a volunteer or paid capacity) would benefit from reading this book, because it promotes a greater understanding of the “whys” behind the thoughts, actions and decisions people make.  The understanding that the book provides will only lead to greater appreciation and cooperation in every forum.

There are many, many leadership books available.  What makes this book stand out to me is that it outlines 5 different types of leaders, making it much easier for everyone to find the type that most describes them.  LEMON Leadership shows how everyone has a type of leader in them; even though some “types” are not as readily recognized as others. The author gives several straight forward means of identifying which type of leader one is.  One measures the fit, not just by the positive attributes he/she has; but also by how one’s weaknesses fit with each type of leader. Finally, the author also gives clear instructions on how each type of leader can successfully work with and communicate with each other type of leader in general and in specific situations.  

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