Parenting in a Facebook World: Tips for Managing Technology & Teaching Children to Manage Theirs

This virtual event is free and open to the public. Technology and social media aren’t going anywhere. So what do we do as parents? In this presentation we will examine the top social media apps for kids and teens. We will also look at the range of technology available in our world, and how to

Organizing 101: Managing the Paper Trail

This Virtual Presentation is free and open to the public. Drowning in paper? We are all inundated by information and paper every day. “Managing the Paper Trail” helps each person determine what type of organizer they are and where the most common paper hotspots are in our homes. We then look at some practical ways

Organizing 101: Organizing Anything Anywhere

This Free event is virtual and open to the public. Starting with a reminder that we, our homes, and our families are all unique and different; we press on with a reminder to not compare! The presentation highlights the different types of Organizers and how our personalities impact how we must organize in order to

How to Get Motivated, Stay Motivated, and THRIVE

This FREE event is virtual and open to the public. Do you want to get organized? Learn something new? We share practical tips for getting motivated- no matter what you want to accomplish. Then we identify some of the obstacles that often keep us from staying motivated and learn some strategies for overcoming them. We

Decluttering Our Hearts and Homes: The Emotional Connection To Stuff

Join us for this free Virtual Presentation! “I can’t get rid of that!” ….. This statement can be heard in every home, in every business, in every place…. No one is immune from the pull that “things” have on us. Everyone faces the task of decluttering at some point. In this presentation we look at

Organizing Quick Tips and Cool Hacks

This presentation is free and open to the public. It will be conducted in a hybrid format whereby you can attend in person or log on virtually.  This presentation starts with a quick, yet poignant reminder to let go of comparisons. We then move on to the 5 Organizing Principles and the 5 T’s of

Organizing 101: Organizing for the Holidays

This Virtual Event is free and open to the public. Does just the thought of the holiday season make you feel stressed? Would you like to start the holiday season on a good note – feeling more organized and in control? In this presentation we give you practical ways to decrease the stress and increase

Cut the Chaos, Reduce the Stress: The IMPACT of Good Time and Task Management

How do I get anything done when I am so busy? We answer this question by talking about boundaries and providing simple practical tips for how to manage our time. Next, we look at the variety of tasks that we face and how to concretely and simply manage them day to day. Organization definitely comes into play with Time and Task Management and we help get you on the road to better organizational habits and end with a look at how to maintain those habits over time.

Raising Responsible Children

In this presentation I look at what Responsibility really entails in the context of our families and in our world in general. I provide practical tips on how to begin teaching the lessons of responsibility in age appropriate ways at a very young age, how to increase and improve the lessons as the children grow and mature, and how to seamlessly weave the responsibilities at home into those expected at school etc.. We also learn about the numerous benefits of teaching responsibility and how to maintain and stay consistent in the practices we begin with our children.

Organizing 101: Back to School Basics

In this presentation we look at organization through the lens of the school year and the challenges it presents to the adults and kids in a home.  We tackle organizing the main areas in the home where school papers pile.  Practical tips are given to help kids be more independent and have less work for Mom and Dad.  We also look at organizing kids areas to decrease stress at home, and improve the student’s ability to handle things that come home from school.  Simple and practical tips are provided for both parents and kids.